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Being a check casher can be VERY profitable however, there are some challenges … and the Start Check Cashing Check Cashing Program overcomes all of them.


The Bank:

Current and prospective check cashers may have difficulty maintaining or establishing a bank relationship, as some banks have decided not to do business with merchants who cash checks.  The Start Check Cashing Program offers three (3) options that eliminate that challenge and allow the merchant to maintain his relationship with his current bank.  These options involve the Remote Check Deposit – Check 21 feature.  To get a better understanding on how this government initiated program works, I’ve attached a PowerPoint presentation for you to review.


The Risk:

Everyone thinks there can be risks with check cashing … and there are.  However, if they use the Start Check Cashing system the merchant can “verify” the check and even “guarantee” a check … which all but eliminates the risks.


The State Government’s Record Keeping Requirements:

As you can see from the attached, the state requires ALL check casher’s to maintain detailed records of EACH transaction, and failure to do so can result in a heavy fine and/or shutting down the business. The Start Check Cashing Check Cashing Program captures all the information, and more, required by the state.  From the attached “audit request” letter you can see that the state is VERY specific as to what records they want kept, and the Start Check Cashing Program meets these requirements.


Account Safety:

Since the merchant is required to capture account and personal information about the check casher to meet the state’s record keeping requirements, he may be concerned about this information getting into the wrong hands, by having his computer “hacked” or stolen. The Start Check Cashing Program stores ALL information in off-site commercial servers so that all customer information is 100% safe and secure.


The Federal Government’s Anti-Money Laundering Compliance:

The federal government requires every check casher to have and implement an Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Program.  We provide each merchant with a sixteen (16) page, company customized, Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Program. Contact us now (949)444-2757 for more details.

Start Check Cashing will work with you to make sure that you are legal and have all the correct licenses that you have to have as a money service business.



We provide signage that can be used indoors or outdoors.  For merchants that own gas stations, we provide additional signage for their gas pumps. Please see our Check Cashing Bonus Pack


A Business Management Tool:

The Start Check Cashing Check Cashing Program provides an excellent business management tool. There are over a dozen online reports that can be accessed by the merchant to more effectively manage his check cashing business.


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